Kings Island Park Hacks

Amusement parks don't come with instruction manuals. Get your hands on the tips and hacks shared by park regulars. You'll experience immediate value by spotting opportunities to go when the park is less crowded. You'll avoid many of the headaches that cause people to leave exhausted and frustrated.

Most families dive in and figure things out just fine. At the end of a hot and busy day, it is easy to spot the families that could have done better. They often look angry, and exhausted. What if you could tap into the experience of seasoned park veterans? Kings Island Park Hacks is a book filled with a collection of behavior hacks. By adjusting the way you plan your visit, you will improve your chance of enjoying a full, fun time at Kings Island.

This book is a supplement to the materials provided by the park. You won't find park hours, price lists or even park history on this site or in this book. Those things are still important and definitely appreciated here. There are the official Kings Island site and many other fan sites already dedicated to those topics. This book is focused on sharing tips and hacks, contributed by the community of Park Hackers, that will help ensure families have a fun visit at Kings Island.

I've always enjoyed amusement parks. In the 1980's, I pored over Birnbaum's Walt Disney World: The Official Guide. The more information I had, the better my experience was at the park. Knowledge is power. It helps you understand why something is the way it is, and it improves your options.

My Inspiration - The idea to write this book, the first in a series of park hacks books, came to me on July 5th. It was the day after the Independence Day holiday. I had expected the 4th to be crazy busy, but because of rain earlier in the day and the way the holiday fell in the week, the park was pleasant and nearly empty on the actual holiday. The population must have changed their plans, because on July 5th, the day was hot and the park was crowded. I stood in the narrow queue in the pizza shop near the entrance, surrounded by large strollers and screaming children. I live nearby and have the meal plan, so I wasn't tired, uncomfortable or stressed over the park's food prices. I was sad to see the downcast faces of tired and embarrased parents. Their skin was pink from both the sun and the stress. The families were slowly filing through the tight spaces. One carried a screaming child, in one arm, while trying to maneuver a large stroller between the rails with the other. I had no idea how they were later going to manage their tray filled with pizza and drinks.

It was in that moment that I decided to share my tips and experience as a park regular. Just during the 2016 season alone, I estimate that I've been to the parks over one hundred times! I've been writing similar lists of tips for friends and family over the years. They would tell me they are about to take their first family trip to Walt Disney World, so I sent them a couple pages of notes to help make sure they have a plan for fun. When they returned, raving about the benefit of the notes I sent, it was very satisfying. Why not create a similar guide for this great park which was close to my home?

Inside the book,
you will find:

  • A self-examination section that will help you consider the different wants and needs within your family or group.
  • Advice on enjoying and even improving the thrill rides, by adjusting the way that you ride.
  • Tips for completing a successful long day the park, from park opening to fireworks, with small children.
  • Clues that identify which days would be best to visit.
  • Dining options, meal plans, and related food tips.
  • Ways to satisfy those with different interests among your group.
  • Lists of the best meeting places.
  • An improved appreciation for the park's live entertainment.
  • Advice on saving money.
  • And more!

These are not just tips from one guy. Many are Park Hacks shared from the community of readers, the Park Hackers! I always want your feedback. If you have other ideas or improvements, I'd like to share them with this audience. You can also ask questions to make me aware of what else you want to know.