Much has changed since the first Kings Island Park Hacks. More Park Hacks are still to come.

Who am I? My name is Mike Kunze. (Not to be confused with Mike Kuntz, the VP and GM of Kings Island. In my experience, he's a good guy who has done an amazing job! That's not me.)

I'm a dad, in my 40s, with three kids. I go to the park a lot. I achieved 88 visits in the 2018 season. At current count, between Haunt and Winterfest of the 2019 season, 75 visits. I live near Kings Island and go as often as I can. When you to go a park a lot, you pick up valuable knowledge.

It is painful to watch families who are tired and frustrated in the park. Young kids throwing tantrums. Faces pink from sun exposure or anger, sometimes both. There are ways to steer clear of those frustrations. The park isn't always crowded! It also isn't only about riding rides.

Park Hacks are tips and strategies that help guests, expecially families with young children, enjoy the best visits to different amusement parks.