Gamification The Brady Bunch tour

by Mike | October 22, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Kings Island has a rich history since its 1972 opening. One of its claims to fame was the episode of The Brady Bunch "The Cincinnati Kids" that was filmed there. Watch the episode and identify all the locations shown that still exist. There are many areas that have been rebuilt, but there are a surprising number of locations that are exactly like, or at least very close, to the way they appeared over forty years ago.

Bonus points if you stand in the same locations and reenact the scenes in the episode and share them with the hashtags #kiparkhacks #bradybunch. Extra bonus points if you dress in the retro fashion of that era and recreate the exact scene.

Suggested locations:

  • The football game on Coney Mall where Greg flirts with Marge
  • The various food stands that Bobby and Cindy get food
  • Outside the Festhaus where there used to be outdoor seating with waiters and waitresses.
  • The log flume currently called Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, where the Brady girls and Carol Brady rode.
  • The Racer rollercoaster where nearly the whole family rode. (The DVD trivia tells a story where, had Mike Brady ridden, he would have been taken out by a broken camera rig.)

These are just a few ideas, enjoy the episode yourself and find more!