October 31, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Halloween Haunt is a pretty big event at Kings Island. The sun goes down and the action gets cranked up a notch. Spooky characters wander the park, jump out at you from the shadows and chase small groups of screaming teenage girls.

If you want to ward off the occasional jolt of a haunted character, you can buy the no boo necklaces. They sell from $9-12 (price varies by date and location,) they have a variable light switch and a changeable battery.

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Halloween Haunt

alt Markers for Haunted Attractions

Mazes are marked by the orange neon skull and crossbones icons. Inside are themed mazes filled with characters who lurk in blind spots and spring out at you. The rules are clearly stated before you enter, you don’t touch the characters and they don’t touch you. If you can keep that in your head, it is easier to manage the fear. It is just noise, intense scenes attempting to startle you.

There is another icon, the green spider (shown above) that indicates that there is a special skeleton key room that can only be accessed if you have that Fright Lane special pass with a Skeleton Key.

The event runs on Friday and Saturday nights. Fridays are less crowded, especially during the first few hours. Saturdays tend to be very crowded. The spooks have lots of energy when the Haunt opens at 7:00pm. The outdoor mazes don’t upen until 8:00, when it is adequately dark. The Haunt events run until 1:00am each night. If you want a quieter expereience, and don’t mind going very late, you can start your night in the 10:00-1100pm range, when the characters have been jumping and screaming for several hours.

Every year can feature different schedules, scare zones, mazes and dining experiences.