Level-up a Coaster

November 02, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

Even with this great selection of rollercoasters, human beings (or teenagers) can eventually get bored. Here are a few tricks to help re-awaken the appreciation!

Kings Island Park Hacks is a book, ebook launching this December and the paperback will be available in early Spring 2017. Between now and launch, I’ll be sharing some of the strategies here. You’re invited to participate in the process. In the comments below, or using the Contact or Share a Hack forms, you can let me know what you think.


Vary your experience in each of the four seats. The far left and right seats provide very different experiences. I didn’t realize it, but I’d been riding on the right seat for most of my first five or six rides on the Banshee. Then, just by luck of the loading, I ended up on the left. I couldn’t believe it! It felt really different. I think the biggest surprise was it went into the barrel roll at the end.

What's a barrel roll? You should seriously Google it to find out!


Any time you get a coaster that has two mirrored tracks, you can do this. My buddy Artie and I used to do this hack on Space Mountain in Florida.

Do two or three rides on one track, then switch and ride the opposite side with your eyes closed. Every time you expect it to bank one way, it goes the opposite. Although they aren’t mirrored, I bet doing this on other racing coasters, like Gemini at Cedar Point, can provide a fun experience.

The Beast

The Beast needs no enhancement. It is the craziest, wildest rollercoaster experience, period! It has been thrilling guests since 1979. However, if you have grown numb, here are a few ways you can bring back that fresh feeling.

  1. Ride in the front seat in daylight. (You may have tears streaming out of your eyes like laugh-lines.)
  2. After riding the front, ride in the back. The beast trains are really long, so the difference it huge.
  3. Do #1 and #2 again... but at night! A lot of The Beast is racing through unlit woods. Experiencing it at night is hard to believe. The feeling from the front is that you are hurtling into darkness, seemingly out of control.
  4. Riding The Beast from the back seat, at night, is about the best thrill there is. Look over your shoulder at the empty track behind. The back end of the train gets pulled down the hill and whips back and forth through the turns. Even thouh it is well built and inspected daily, It is always leaves me feeling that it is going to fly apart at any moment. Simply too wild of a ride to be allowed!

Those are just a few of my variations. What have I left out?
>> Please share your own fun variations in the comments below.

Photo credit: The Beast Attribution 2.5 Generic