Meeting Spots - Part One

by Mike | November 08, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

If you're traveling with a group, you should always clearly identify meeting places up front. Pick out high-visibility, locations where your group can gather and possibly wait while the stragglers collect. Try to make sure the spot is unique and specific. You don’t want to say “I’ll meet you by the pizza restaurant” only to find that there are three separate places (or four if you count the one in the water park) that sell pizza. A special statue, the entrance or exit of one specific ride or the park’s main central landmark, the Eiffel Tower, are good choices.

Group mid-day reconnect If yours is a small group, or you just need to reconnect so that you can shuffle the group so everyone can experience a variety of activities. If the plan works, then your group should arrive in the right spot, pretty close to the meeting time.

A few spots inside the park that are good for meeting:

  • The Festhaus is the main food service building in the park. It is a large room with long benches and tables. When it is full of people it may be difficult to locate your group. Make sure you specify if you want to meet near the stage, far from the stage. Near the bathroom is another good choice.
  • In Coney Mall, the area between Subway and The Scrambler has seating with good visibility.
  • Centrally located, the Eiffel Tower is one of the best places to gather. There is the Tower Drinks drink stand, so you can have a drink while you wait for the rest. Then there is a healthy amount of seating around the base of the tower. If members of your group aren’t great at following directions, this is a location that is really easy to find.
  • If you’re gathering with a bunch of little kids, Planet Snoopy is the place to meet. There is a snoopy statue surrounded with seats. Nearby at the entrance of Woodstock Express there is a well-shaded sitting area with several small rides nearby for the kids to do while you wait.

Photo credit: the base of (the real) Eiffel Tower Public Domain