Gamification: The Season Bucket List

November 12, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

You'd think, if you have a Gold Pass, that there would be no difficulty in hitting every ride within one season. But it is very hard to do everything, even in fifty visits to the park, there are always one or two rides that eludes you. In this game, we're going to make a list of every ride and make sure we do them all.

I, personally, hold two kinds of rides off my season bucket list. I don't have to, but I choose to. You're encouraged to make your own personal list. If one ride will cause you severe discomfort or danger, skip it. Obviously, if you're an adult, you can't go on a few of the kiddie rides. So nobody is able to ride every ride, the size limitations in a couple instances do not overlap.

If you are like me, I don't count the rides like the Sling Shot or Xtreme Skyflyer as regular rides. They have an additional charge, so they are automatically not considered by me. I look at them like the go cart track or the arcade. If your ticket doesn't cover them, they aren't even there.

I also don't like to get wet while in regular clothes, so I refrain from going on the White Water Canyon or Congo Falls. I do enjoy the Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, log flume. The splash volume is low enough that I choose to risk it. But if you plan ahead and wear clothes that dry out quickly, these rides don't have to leave you feeling like a damp dishrag.

This past season, I had a casual bucket list running in my head. There wasn't a list on paper. I knew what I hadn't done that season. Then, a couple days before the season ended, it was down to one ride. I failed to complete it by that one ride. The Firehawk was the only ride I didn't do. I've done it before. It is just very inconvenient and life kept getting in the way. If I'd gotten serious, I could have picked it off at any visit.

Photo credit: bucket list CC BY 2.0