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Sling Shot and Xtreme Skyflyer

November 19, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

Certain rides have an additional charge. If you have an eye for a deal, you'll enjoy this Park Hack for the Sling Shot and Xtreme Skyflyer.

I typically avoid anything that is an additional charge. I pay for season passes, souvenir cups and meal plans, but resist paying out money every visit. I admit that I’m a little extreme when it comes to spending cash. For this reason, I’ve never had the pleasure of riding these two “special” upcharge thrill rides.

I didn't see it in the book description, but Sling Shot prices are only $5 when the park opens. If someone likes the ride or wants to ride it for the first time, they should buy their ticket at or near park opening or right when they get there for the lowest price. The prices increase $5 at a time throughout the day. The line is shortest at park opening too. Hope this helps!
—Tom Y.
   Fairfield, Ohio

Thanks to Tom for sharing this Park Hack with us!

I had heard stories that these prices were flexible. In fact, a friend of mine mentioned that then the park is really slow, you may find these operators willing to negotiate. Of course this is only a possibility and not a park policy. You may or may not have success. You could try offering $x if you buy a larger quantity of tickets. They may have a limit they are not allowed to exceed. It sounds like you can get them for $5 a ticket. Maybe in the 2017 season, I’ll try it out and explore those limits and use that opportunity to get flung out into space!

Watch for expiration dates and times! While the story was explained to me that you don’t have to use the tickets at the time of purchase, you may be limited to use them that day. It isn’t a good bargain if they go to waste. So make sure you take note and use them in within the time limit.

The possibility of returning later does give you this ride as a good alternative for the more crowded hours in the park.

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Photo credit: Jeremy Thompson CC BY 2.0