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Baby Care

December 07, 2016 | 3 Minute Read

Moms, don't let your guy claim that there aren't any baby changing stations in the restrooms. You don't have to take the baby every time. Here is a list of several men's restrooms that have changing tables.

This is a great example of the community of fellow Park Hackers bringing extreme value to others. I have a daughter who was three during this past 2016 season, so thankfully daytime diapers aren’t a problem. She just accompanied her mother or big sister into the ladies restroom. I had this topic down in my outline as one of the helpful topics to write about in the book. The season ended and I realized I no longer had access to the park to check these details. So when Krystal submitted this Park Hack she saved this topic!

Restrooms and small children. I am a mother of two toddler boys. When I get the chance of taking my husband with me I put him on diaper duty. But one thing mothers or fathers who need to change their child and needs a baby changing station, there are VERY LIMITED places the men can change them. The restroom on International street, Feasthaus, The family bathroom by Stunt track, and right before you head towards Diamondback from the kiddy area. So Make your changing of the diapers schedule accordingly.

    Lebanon, OH

So moms, you have this list. Don't let your guy claim that there aren't any changing rooms, so you have to take the baby every time. In the next update following the park's reopening, I'll do an exhaustive list to be sure we have them all.

Men's restrooms with changing tables

  • International Street (by the entrance)
  • Festhaus
  • Family Restroom between Backlot Stunt Coaster and the entrance to the Beast (Across from the Rivertown LaRosa's)

As we find more, we’ll update this list. I also have a couple inside sources I may tap for the answer so that we have it before spring.

Thank you to Krystal for sharing that. Krystal wrote me a couple times and sounds like she will be a helpful part of the community of Park Hackers.

The Baby Care Station This facility across from Chick Fil-A, on the path between the Eiffle Tower and Planet Snoopy, (at the end of International Street,) was recently renovated by Fischer Homes. It has been a helpful stop for many a family needing a little extra care. Once, we got caught at the park without a spare diaper and they were able to give us one and save our day. I understand these are only available when they have supplies. This is also an excellent refuge for nursing mothers who like a little extra privacy.

Avoiding Automated Toilets I'm also adding a small note about small children getting freaked out by the automatically flushing toilets. This got to be a problem for us with our three year old daughter. She refused to use the restroom because it would flush while she was using it. We were able to find a one or two bathrooms that still had the classic handle operation. These were life savers for us, because she refused to go and might have even had a couple accidents because of stubbornness and fear. Hopefully these don't get updated during the off season, but the restrooms on International Street, near the entrance is one with non-automated flushing.

Photo credit: Dad Changing Diaper Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic