Thank You!

December 24, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Kings Island Park Hacks had a great launch week! Thank you to everyone who got a copy of the book and shared word about its release!

During the launch week I recieved a lot of valuable feedback on the book. Today I posted one of many continual updates to the digital Kindle version. To see the updates, you may have to set your account for automatic updates. I’ve been exploring this and am still working out the best procedure for getting the content updated. You may have to remove the file from your device and reload it.

The Thrill Rides section has been expanded with a brief description of the aspects of each thrill rides. It isn’t medical advice, but it is a careful sharing of what to expect. If you can handle a rough ride, but not heights, these descriptions will prepare you.

Please keep the reviews and feedback coming! Over the next few weeks I’ll be locking down the content for the audio and printed paperback versions.

Photo credit: Candle on Christmas tree CC BY 3.0