Parking Lot Tips - Part 3
Respect the Cones?

March 25, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

I'd respect an officer of the law, but a row of cones are just there for organizing the flow of cars. This is one of those Park Hacks that dances closer to the area of rebellious, deviant or anti-establishment behavior.

This is part 3 of this week's three part look at Park Hacks for the parking lot. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 at these links. If you have any other tips to add, we want to hear them. Please share in the comments below, or use our Share-a-Hack form!

Why the Cones?

When the park is just opening for business on a day that is expected to be busy, the parking lot crews are out with their cones. These rows of annoying orange obstacles stretch off into the distance, forcing you to drive to a specific section of the park. Sometimes, the crew is even out, directing you visitors to move all the way to the end of the rows. This practice, to my knowledge, is not done every day. As I mentioned, it is what they do when they want to get the lot started in an orderly manner. It is a way to pack the cars tighter.

Typically, the lot is uncontrolled and you are permitted to freely move up and down any row you want. With this level of freedom, I get a little bit spoiled. I’ve mentioned many times, that I prefer to visit the park when the crowds are light. What I’m going to share is a little bit naughty, but is a Park Hack that gets you back the freedom to select any open place that you want!

I don’t believe it is hurting anything, because it is just a practice that is used to get the flow started. They do not continue it through the day.

Here is the main part of the Park Hack… you follow the cones into the row, then keep driving until you get to the cross road that divides the main lot from the handicapped and employee parking areas. Once you get to this road, you can proceed left or right and select whatever row you desire!

It is that simple. You just glide right on down the lane they send you through. You get to the end, then pick the row you really want, from the far end.

What if there are… people?

In the rare times that there are people directing cars to file in, one at a time, packing them tightly, you have two options. Yield to their will, like sheep, and leave your car where they point you. Or your alternative is to pull into the place where they direct you, pause a minute until they move on up the row, and then back out and proceed away from all the activity.

This is a private parking lot and there are no traffic laws that say you have to park in one place or another, as long as you’re not trying to unjustly take up a handicapped place or tresspassing into the employee area.

What Do You Think?

Are you feeling naughty yet? I know this towards disobedience. I’m repulsed by the idea of being led around unnecessarily like sheep or directed through gates like cattle. This is not the same thing as respecting an orderly queue for a ride. That is an organized way that gives respect to all who want to ride a certain ride.

Don’t forget the Code of the Park Hacker. Love your neighbors! Respect the park and others.

Do you have any discoveries like this that you care to share? There are gray areas and margins to be exploited all over the place.

Photo credit: Cones by Vince Mig - CC0 Public Domain