The New Refillable Cups

April 16, 2017 | 1 Minute Read

This year, the new refillable cups are a little different. Sometimes different is good. This time, not so much.

New Smaller Size!

I measured. The new cups hold about fluid 24oz, 3 measuring cups to the beginning of the cap threads. Last year’s cup held 28oz. It may not be an issue to you, since there are unlimited refills. But if the lines are long for drinks, or if you’re far from a refill location, that reduction of 4oz could be frustrating.

The Lid

When we first got the cup, they main thing we noticed was the new lid design. It looks cool at a glance, but after a couple hours of use, it is clearly inferior. The handle is more shallow, so you can’t loop it over a stroller handle as easily. The straw is very hard to pull up and down. It is also very hard to screw on and off.

This was easily fixed, as you see in the image above, by replacing the cap with last year’s cap. It may not be the height of fashion, but it fits and works a lot better.

If you still have your red cups around from three seasons back, you may even be able to match it.

Photo credit: Mike Kunze