New Food and Beverage Hacks

April 17, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

Guest post from Krystal Curtis, one of our best Park Hack contributors! She is a long-time park veteran and had a lot of tips for families with small children as well. She also took this gorgeous photo of the Eiffel Tower!

Park Hack of the day, Food and beverage:

Being at a park all day, can really make the stomach rumble. Screaming and laughing, can make your throat dry. So of course, we need to get some food and something cold to drench our thirst. At the park on Opening Day you couldn’t go anywhere without there being a line. Now, we know Kings Island is well known for making changes as seasons come and go, and I have these four little hacks to help the stomach not grumble for so long, and to quench your dry mouths.

First off, do not plan on eating lunch or dinner when everyone else is. You will be waiting forever, no matter what day you go, or where you go to grab some food.

Secondly, if you are needing a refresher drink you don’t have to go into a restaurant. Kings Island has made getting drinks a lot easier on us by adding more Coke-cola refill locations throughout.

Third, there has been a change at the Skyline in the Coney Mall section of the park. Instead of dealing with the small windows and your order getting messed up because the cashier couldn’t hear you well, they have fixed it by opening up the front. There is also now a computer touch screen to help make sure you get what you want and help the line move quicker. I have personally tried out the computer system and here is how it works: you touch the screen for a new order, you press if you are using an all day/season meal plan, you select what you want to eat and drink. Note: if you are on a drink plan DO NOT select your drink. Scan your pass, (if paying with the pass,) and take your receipt. You walk to the cashier then present your receipt or pay. Tell the cashier if you are on the drink plan and he or she will scan your pass or cup. The final step, is you will walk over to the side window and wait for your number to be called. So keep a hold of your receipt to claim your food, then enjoy!

Fourth, There have been changes to the Meal Plan options at a couple locations. At skyline, you used to get a 3-way and a coney with fries, or 2 Coneys and fries. This has changed to a 3-way and fries only (no Coney) or 2 Coneys and fries. At Hanks Burritos, I have noticed another menu change, you used to be able to get a burrito or a burrito bowl plus chips and salsa. It has been changed to salad, burrito or bowl options only, not including the chips and salsa.

I hope these food and drink hacks for the new 2017 season have been helpful. These Park Hacks are offered to have a better trip to Kings Island.

One more bonus tip: try a turtle covered apple! I personally have to get one every time I am there. It is amazing!

Thanks Krystal for sharing those food and beverage related tips! Krystal has been a great example of the best tips coming not just from the author, but from the community. I know Krystal has many more tips to come! Keep watching for more updates from her.

Photo credit: Krystal Curtis