Height Requirements and Ride Warnings

by Krystal | April 26, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

All rides have some kind of rider limitation. Whether it is a height restriction, or a warning to keep your hands down, like on the 2nd lift hill on The Beast, these rules are here for your safety. Here are some Park Hacks that will help you turn these as restrictions from frustrations into more opportunities for your child's fun!

Height Requirements

In Planet Snoopy there are some rides with restrictions for being too tall, such as the kids swings, or the children’s bumper cars. If your child is too small to ride these by themselves, you’ll have to pass them up until they are taller, since you cannot ride with them.

The park map is available at the entrance. It lists each ride’s height requirements. I recommend geting your child a wristband when you arrive. That way, they can enter each ride with confidence all day. It is better to have smooth sailing, than to be measured over and over with every ride.

Children grow during a season. So if one day they get upgraded to the next color wrist band, make it exciteing for them. Celebrate with some cotton candy, or let them be in charge of what to ride next.

A lot of rides in Planet snoopy are suitable for 4-year-olds. Other sections of the park also have rides that allow smaller children to ride as long as an adult is with them. Viking Fury, is a favorite of my 4-year-old son. The Scrambler is the ride my 3-year-old loves. An accompanying grown-up (officially, by the park rules) needs to be sixteen years of age. Other years it has been fourteen.

Ride Warnings

Rides that have higher thrills, have the most warnings. Do not take these warnings lightly. The park posts these to keep you safe and out of the hospital. A lot of them aggravating existing medical issues, or endangering a pregnancy. Don’t test your limits on these. High blood pressure or any recent surgery must be taken seriously.

Some rides and live shows have warnings because of strobe lighting and fog effects. Make sure to listen to the announcement before the shows. A lot of these attractions also have loud music playing which could frighten children or be uncomfortable for those with sensitive ears.

I know this part of the post is not very happy, but these warnings are best learned at the beginning of the season. Get off to a good start and strap in tight!

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Photo credit: Scott Webb - CC0 Public Domain