Park Hacker Overview - Part 1

by Mike | May 02, 2017 | 3 Minute Read

The community of Park Hackers has been growing. Kings Island's season has begun! It is a great time to take a moment to talk about the Park Hacks book and community!

The main idea of the Park Hacker community is for tips and hacks to be shared by highly-experienced, amusement park season pass holders, for others who are new to the experience. A lot of families stumble into the park on the busiest days of the year. They become disappointed when they spend all day in the hot sun, waiting in long lines. They leave feeling like they spent too much money on food and only got to ride a few rides. There is a better way!

An Instruction Manual

When I was around ten or eleven years old, my family got Steve Birnbaum’s Official Guide to Walt Disney World. That book walked us through the planning and decision making that resulted in exceptional vacations. We went back year after year and refined our selections and our methods. That book was also filled with interesting trivia and details to watch look for, during our visits.

I am the oldest of six kids and took over the role of tour guide. It was fun to think through the way we move around the park in advance. If we did it well, we’d hit our favorite restaurants just at the time to eat lunch and dinner. Sure, we still go tired, but with a strategy, we spent our time on rides and not walking back-and-forth across the park.

In Kings Island Park Hacks, I’ve tried to create a guide that shared similar tips and strategy. My family lives near Kings Island and we go there often. The most pleasant and special times are when the crowds are light and the weather is pleasant. It is my hope that we can help families get more fun out of a visit, coming away with a greater sense of satisfaction. It makes me sad when in the park, I see a tired and angry family. It would be rude to say to them, “You’re doing it wrong!” So instead I wrote this guide.

The Community of Park Hackers

My family and I certainly are not the only Park Hackers. There are hundreds and even thousands of people who are park enthusiasts. I learned quickly that my tips alone would be inadequate. By asking others to share there tips, the experience can benefit far more people. Not everyone shares my opinions and tastes. I’ll go one step further, I’m weird! No one shares my opinions on everything about Kings Island! I don’t care at all about FunPix and midway games. But that is just me.

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I’ve created the KIPH Facebook page, and the Share-a-Hack form to enable anyone to share their hacks. As you read the book, the blog and the Facebook page, if some idea comes to mind that we’ve overlooked, please share it with us!

I’ve also worked to make sure that the Park Hackers are not seen as a group trying to exploit or cheat the park or inhibit the fun of other people. I’ve written The Code of the Park Hackers as a guide that I hope all Park Hackers take to heart.

Check back Thursday to hear more about new stuff is happening with the Park Hacks community. There are some exciting new things coming soon!

>> Please share your thoughts of how Park Hacks has helped you to improve the way you visit Kings Island.

Photo credit: Mike Kunze