Wrapping Up the Main Season

by Krystal and Mike | October 27, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

This weekend comes every year. Review your bucket list, you have time for one last visit to pick off the rides you missed. Thankfully, this year we have Winterfest to get us closer to April!


This is it!!!!! The last weekend for the haunt. This is your last weekend to finish your bucket list for the main 2017 for Kings Island season. We are curious. What do you have left to see or do?

Over the next three weeks, the park will turn into a winter wonderland.

It’s the last weekend for normal operations, and yes, I will be there all 3 days. But, here in Ohio, we have a forecast of cold and rain all weekend long. So here are my predictions. I believe early evening it will be pretty busy, but by about 10pm it will become a ghost town. Sunday, I am thinking it will sort of busy, possibly 10-15 minute wait for the major rides.

Be prepared that the food may not be up to standard. The park will try to make sure there are no left overs. I doubt they have ordered any more Skyline chili and crackers. (Thank goodness, I saved packets through the season.)

So if you’re going to brave the rain and cold, bundle up and dress in layers.

My bucket list for the season is not done yet, I still have a few mazes to go through.

Lets us know what you think will happen this weekend and what’s left on your bucket list!!!!


I agree with a lot of Krystal’s predictions. I think with the majority of attractions shutting down after this weekend, there will be a large number of people coming out to ride rides and visit the haunt one last time for this year. If the weather is uncomfortable, it is my guess that the crowd numbers will drop quickly around 10pm. So if you don’t mind going late, this will be a great night to enjoy those later hours. There is risk with this strategy. Sometimes the park leaders decide to close down early if the weather is poor and there aren’t very many guests.

My bucket list, as far as Halloween Haunts and rides go, is complete. (All rides and mazes completed with wait times under 20 minutes at the longest, and NEVER with a Fast Lane. Maybe one exception with the Black Out maze. I would never cut in front of other people, even with the opportunity to pay for the privilege.) I plan to to go in this weekend for the purpose visiting a few favorite rides, enjoying the atmosphere, getting a meal plan meal, and taking a few photos for the sites and books.

It has been a great Halloween Haunt this year! Special kudos on the new Dance of the Macabre. The atmosphere everywhere was very cool, as usual!

Let us know your plans for this weekend! What rides or attractions are you hoping to do?

Photo credit: Mike Kunze