Orion Progress

by Mike | November 16, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

I combined these two images of Orion to visualize how much is already constructed. The orange markings show the approximate ends of the completed track. I shifted the images to line the webcam image to match the rendering as much as possible.


In my mind I thought that Orion had a long way to go still toward the back of the park. This visual exercise revealed that the second hill is about half-way to the farthest point where the ride turns back toward the station! This is not to say they are close to half of the construction. You can see that there is a lot of track still to be put in place.

What I didn’t realize watching construction is how much of the ride exists in the return trip. In fact a great deal of the ride’s full length is twisting around the tall drop.

It makes sense, coming off the main hill, the ride will be traveling the very fast 91 mph. Turns at this rate of speed must be longer and more gentle. As the train decelerates, the track can get a lot more twisted.

The twisting conclusion of the ride and the highly-elevated brake-run should make for a spectacular finish!

I am excited.

Photo source credit: Orion rendering and Construction video feed.