Kings Island Park Hacks is here to helps families get more fun out of their visit amusement parks. It is primarily focused on Kings Island near Mason, Ohio. This blog is written to share valuable tips and advice to families.

Here we will share tips, tricks, behavior adjustments… a.k.a. Park Hacks that will help you maximize your time, save you money, and help your whole family enjoy a better amusement park experience!</p>

The History

I (Mike) grew up in Northeast Ohio and having the good fortune to visit Walt Disney World on several family vacations. In the 1980s, I read the Steve Birnbaum Official Guide to Walt Disney World. I became our family expert and tour guide of the park. As a kid, I also enjoyed Cedar Point, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Busch Gardens (Tampa), Hershey Park and others!

I now live very near Kings Island. My wife and I go over to the park on dates. We take our kids as frequently as they will tolerate. Living close enough to take advantage of a season pass and All-Season Meal Plan is great. We see the park and its seasonal patterns. We have the opportunity to try anything we want and take advantage of those moments when the weather is perfect and the crowds are light.

The Book

Following the launch of the Kings Island-specific community of park hackers, I thought, “What next?” The book offers a lot of great advice, but it was focused at one specific park. Among amusement parks there is enough similarity that the tips could benefit a wider audience. The obvious next step was to develop the Amusement Park Hacks book. By doing that, we could bring similar ideas to more to people who love the amusement parks wherever they live and travel!

I needed a wider perspective to better serve the Park Hacker community. That’s when I enlisted the help of Krystal. Krystal Curtis is a young mother with three young children. She is also a long-time fan of Kings Island and amusement parks in general. She quickly became one of the enthusiastic participants in the Park Hacker community. She posted helpful comments. She was a big part of my launch team for the first Kings Island book. In addition to her love of sharing park tips, she also provides another perspective that adds a great deal of value. I was very pleased to have her join as my collaborating writer on the Amusement Park Hacks book.