Kings Island Park Hacks - second edition

Kings Island Park Hacks - second edition

I had to postpone the creation of the second edition of Kings Island Park Hacks. Work on this will resume in the near future.

Previously published books

Amusement Park Hacks - 2018

By using this book, you are about to become your family's hero!

Amusement parks are often packed with noisy crowds, rides that beat you up or make you sick, and long lines for overpriced food. Families drag themselves home exhausted, sunburned, nauseous and irritated. If this sounds familiar, you're doing it wrong.

Amusement Park Hacks is the instruction manual that will help you get more value out of your day at the park.

In this book, you'll discover:

Keep your family happy! Find out why you should never buy a fast pass. With the tips and hacks in this book, you won't need one!

If you had a bad experience and decided not to go back to an amusement park, give it another go. These tips shared from the community of Park Hackers and curated by the two park enthusiast authors, who visit all the time, will show you how you can have a great time again!

Kings Island Park Hacks - 2017

Amusement parks don't come with instruction manuals.

Vacations and trips to amusement parks should be fun. Many of us have fond memories of trips to like these, but stress, frustration and exhaustion are frequently unexpected souvenirs that families bring home. The park's prices for food and drinks can be shocking. Many families share a memory of a younger member throwing a tantrum. It wasn't funny then, but now you can all finally laugh about it.

This book is a collection of ethical hacks and tips designed to shift the way YOU behave. These methods will improve the chance for your family to have the most fun possible during your visit. This guide is written specifically for Kings Island.

Inside you will learn how to choose a day that is perfect. You will learn how to identify when the crowds are light, staff operations are running smoothly and the weather is pleasant. Learn how splitting one visit into three or more smaller visits can be more satisfying. If you live near enough, learn how splitting one visit into three or more mini-visits can be more satisfying. Once you've seen it all, add some new fun by building games on top of your park experience.